How You Can Get Involved!

See below for all the ways you can help a child have the Right-to-Write

Mail Pens & Pencils

Please send an email or include a note to say if a SCRATCH test has been done and that they all work; and, if your name can be added to the website to say thank you!-if there are more than 500, please contact me and I may be able to help find a place to mail them directly.

***Due to Covid-19 we are not currently taking pens and pencil donations. Please email us to discuss. Please do not mail at this time. Thank you for your understanding.***

Take Pens & Pencils Abroad

Anyone traveling around the world can help!!! Approximately 150-200 pens and pencils can fit into a ziplock bag and can easily fit into your luggage. They can be handed out to children in a school, hospital, orphanage, or just walking along the street. Even luxury hotels often can take the bags and bring donate them to appropriate places.

If you are traveling, I can meet you in NYC to hand you a few bags, or, can often coordinate having pens and pencils sent anywhere in the USA to be carried over by a traveler. When possible, please take photos and email us your experience!!

School Drives

A pen drive can be started by a child of any age. Individuals or classes are encouraged to promote a pen drive within their community. Special focus will be given to follow through with where the pens and pencils will be donated. Many lessons, about geography, cultures, philanthropic, etc can encompass the activity.


50 pens = $5.99

100 pens = $11.98

200 pens = $23.96

504 pencils = $51.03

or donate any amount…………..

Collect Pens & Pencils

At your next PARTY, book club, happy hour, softball game, etc… Cut and paste the following into your invitation:

Right-to-Write collects pens and pencils for children in schools, hospitals and orphanages in developing countries.

Please search your drawers and bottoms of bags for pens and pencils to donate at the

Host a Collection box or Create a Drive

Create a collection at SCHOOLS, small shops, hotels, offices, parties and ask peers and friends to bring pens and pencils to donate. New and used pens and pencils that work can all be given away.

(i.e. retail stores, schools, restaurants, hotels, offices, parties gather pens and pencils from around your house and office, ask friends to bring pens and pencils to a small gathering, such as a book club, dinner party, or birthday party, when moving.)


Right-to-Write has supplies available to help your organization empower a person or community build a business to sell pens and pencils. Please contact us with any ideas via our email

Have an Idea or Service to Donate?

i.e. Lucite box manufacturer, printing facility, graphic artist, packaging company, storage company, logistics services etc.


Schools or individual students in the United States can be matched to a school or orphanage that will be the recipient fo the pens and pencils. Access via a blog, or facebook page, will help the schools and children communicate with each other, at the same time, learning to navigate the internet, write letters, translate languages, etc.

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