“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” — Dalai Lama

Right-to-Write is a unique and simple program designed for people to donate pens and pencils (new or used) to put to good use by collecting and then dispensing them to children in developing countries. Donated pens and pencils are delivered to schools, orphanages, and hospitals by individual volunteers, travelers, and organizations who can distribute them hand to hand, person to person, to children who need them.


Pens Donated


Countries Reached



How You Can Help

There are many ways that you can help us put a pen or pencil in every child's hand.


Donate pens and pencils in good condition, or money towards postage costs.

Send or Bring

Send pens and pencils to our list of schools in need or take them in person if travelling.


on social media via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach more volunteers.

“Be Kind whenever possible, it is always possible.”—Dalai Lama

Special Thanks

  • Dalai Lama and his teachings to not only feel, but to practice compassion.
  • Walter Hennig on helping to open my eyes to the world.
  • Abancay Peruvian Medical Mission for being created.
  • Amish Ghandi from Bwino.org for believing in the concept and getting us started.
  • Jason Offor and Kueth Duany for being encouraging.
  • Chandler Griffin, Barefoot Workshops, and Kids with Cameras for being role models.
  • Sharon Schanzer from RLDGROUP for taking our first website to “the next level.”
  • Jazzy Tasdelen from Jazskimo Creative for giving the site a refreshing new look in 2017.

Ramona Suderwirth
John Deasey
Karena Wells
Joyce Thomas
Samantha Mariner
NASW Assurance Services
Feldmann Imports
Joseph B. Martin Conf.Center
at Harvard Medical Center
Flak Ahmad
Jim Lyons
Kim Duncan
Peter Paone
Dina Vitt
Lindsay Freda
Holly Parker
Jonathan Vivar
Jenny Goodman
Christine Peterson
Patricia Kaegi Weiss
Grandson Felix

Robin Greenstein
Sarah Pole
Uche Osuji
Carolyn Lemkin
Danielle Rourke
MEC Global
Stephanie Swan
Karen Cara
Colin Nanka
Michelle Land
Todd Grossman
Scott Morgan
John Weiss
Undertone Networks
Powering Potential
Bwambale Robert
John Oboyo Njoni
Diane Warner
Avoca Elementary School
Elizabeth Adrian

Margaretville Post Office
Ivy Zelanka
Janice Lathen
Spencer Siskind
Hutton Elementary School
Bergeson Elementary School
Miss Iveson’s 3rd Grade Class
Team Fox
Alan Schanzer
Debbie Cohn
Sharon Schanzer
Ivo Dutra
Lanette Dutra
Shiwa Yangzom
Jennifer Lau
Charles Munyao
Holden Dahlerbruch
Daralene Irwin
Jason Mandl

Jon Abbey
Rob Hessdorf
Mark Pressman
Howard Baden
Patty Hirsch
Cindy Ramsay
Drew Haase
Jennifer Greene
Karen Pineman
Tynetta Brown
Tasha Kazmer
Danielle Scherman
Julia Calzonetti
Julia Kim
Lisa Schwab
Cherrise Crawford
Joanna Moller
Casey Stefan
Sally Cressey
Amy Moses

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