<h2>On Top of….Kilimanjaro</h2> <h2>Bags of pens and pencils on their way</h2>


“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”—Dalai Lama

Right-to-Write is a unique and simple program designed to put new and used pens and pencils to good use by collecting and then dispensing them to children in developing countries. Donated pens and pencils are delivered to schools, orphanages, and hospitals by individual volunteers, travelers, and organizations who can distribute them hand to hand, person to person, to children who need them.

Donate what you can to help

Donate to the cause! No amount is too little! 100 pens = $11.98, 500 pencils = $51.03


  • GoodyBags
  • Global Volunteer Network
  • Loews Hotels
  • Undertone
  • Critical Mass
  • TeamFox
  • KEF