“I am Dhyasa Kumar. I have partnered with Right to Write, an organization that sends new and used pencils that it collects to poverty stricken countries like Africa ,India etc. I have set up boxes in the food hall and Sai Baba Temple to collect pencils. To donate pencils, put the pencils in a ziploc bag, write how many pencils are in the bag on the front with sharpie and place them in one of the boxes. The boxes are labeled for your convenience. My goal is to collect 1,000 pencils by August 12,2017. Let’s make a child’s dream come true! ”

Dhyasa Kumar did a pencil drive over the summer 2017 and was able to lovingly collect approximately 1500 pencils.  They were distributed in the Cambodian village in Houston Texas after hurricane Harvey.   Can you please add these pictures in your website?  She would like to continue to collect writing utensils and promote Right to Write in Austin and surrounding area.


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