101,881 pens and pencils have reached 101,881 children so far…

Anne Overman from Maybeury Elementary School

Hi Kim- I have the pens and pencils boxed up and ready to ship.  We are estimating that we collected over 1700 pens and pencils as well as some erasers. We SO enjoyed this charitable opportunity.  I found that it is something even 5 year old children can relate to.  We talked about how lucky we are to have pencils in our desk that we can use every day and what it would be like if we had to share one pencil for the whole class.  My students were very enthusiastic about the drive and they did a great job of promoting it at home.  The parents were very supportive and many went to Office Max or Staples and purchased whole boxes of pens or pencils to send in.  We used our weekly newsletter to promote the drive and also mentioned it on our morning announcements.   I am quite sure that our families would be more than happy to make this an annual event.  I will share the faceebook page through our next weekly newsletter and ask the parents to like it so they can read more about the cause.

Warmly, Anne



On a medical mission to Abancay, Peru, Kim Oppenheimer, packed her suitcases with clothes to donate. She was astonished that it was her pen that people continually asked for, even the nurses. Again, when she volunteered at a school in Windhoek, Namibia, she saw children using pencils an inch long. She figured if she wasn’t aware of this simple need, many other people weren’t either. She established Right-to-Write as a way to simply shift an abundance into a functional educational tool for children in developing countries. It’s a simple process that makes each person involved realize the positive impact they have upon one another.


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