“thank you all for your support I really appreciate what you did for me, best of all is the number of pencils: I got 775, my goal was 500 that’s now 275 more.My pencils will be used by kids all around the world who don’t have one. What a great birthday gift! Thanks again.Felix, age 9″
To the principal of St. Apollinaris ( Napa, CA), teachers, students of the school and family and friends:
It was wonderful to do such a social  project with my grandson Felix – a first, but I hope many others will follow. The principal, Connie, was very supportive of the  philanthropic   project and put it into  the newsletter to the parents, followed by an announcement by Felix for all students. Many teachers and students collected colourful pencils complementing the ones by family and friends. These pencils will now go to Canada  and will be distributed to children by the Canadian Food for Children Agency in countries  in Africa and the Dominican Republic.
Elisabeth Adrian

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