101,881 pens and pencils have reached 101,881 children so far…

Raina’s Bat Mitzvah Pink Pencils!

Raina’s Bat Mitzvah Mitzvah is helping hundreds  children’s education, and, helping to pass the idea forward through her friends!! Raina has counted 3300 pens and pencils and is still counting!!! Each pen or pencil is helping a child…so Raina is helping over 3000 children around the world!!




On a medical mission to Abancay, Peru, Kim Oppenheimer, packed her suitcases with clothes to donate. She was astonished that it was her pen that people continually asked for, even the nurses. Again, when she volunteered at a school in Windhoek, Namibia, she saw children using pencils an inch long. She figured if she wasn’t aware of this simple need, many other people weren’t either. She established Right-to-Write as a way to simply shift an abundance into a functional educational tool for children in developing countries. It’s a simple process that makes each person involved realize the positive impact they have upon one another.


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